Monday, May 23, 2011

~Makeup → Hazel Eyes~

Hi Everyone:)
I had a request : Makeup for Women à Hazel Eyes:) 

Women blessed with hazel eyes are renowned for containing glints of many colors (A light to strong brown or yellowish brown.)
If you have hazel eyes, avoid using too much amount of blue-hued shadow. It might turn out “Gray”… the opposite effect of what you hope to achieve.

Natural color is best for Women that contain hazel eyes: 

- Gold 

- Pink à Best for a Romantic Look.

Go for more Lighter then this picture.

- Lavender
Light Brown
à Will gives a natural effect.

- Green Or Teal à it's the best vibrant color for you. This can really make your eyes pop!

  Color Wheel

And Now I will help you by choosing the great color for your eyes :
Choose a color that is opposite of your own eye color.
If you have green eyes, select purple, lilac shades, pink
For blue eyes choose gold, peach and browns with a red or orange undertone to make your eyes POP!                                              


  1. Great post doll!!! and most amazing tips for hazel eyes!


  2. Thabk you soo much:):):)
    You are so adorablee!:)


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