Saturday, March 31, 2012

~Lip Stain~

Hi Everyone:)

I bought a Lip Stain last week, so far I really like it.

So, I thought to share with you what is it for some people who didn't got the chance to try it or didn't heard of it.

What Is Lip Stain?
Lip Stain is a lip colour which "Stains". The colour does not fade and lasts longer.

It's great for anybody who don't like to reapply over and over again. Most Lip stain can last all day long. What I like about it can be used as a base for your favourite lipstick colour.

Have you tried a Lip Stain? or Would you like to try it?

~Thank you guys for stopping by

You are Very Belle:)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

~Hair Heat Tamer Spray~

Good Evening Everyone,

Yesterday, I finally bought my Hair Heat Protector.I bought the "TRESemm√©" heat Tamer Spray

The HAIR must be protected or elsewhere you will get a lot of Split ends
It will shine your hair and it will prevent your hair from split ends.

So far, I really love it because it doesn't add excess oil or residue to my hair 
and it also smell very good. It has a fresh scent.

All you need to do is to apply it on your dry hair. You must leave it on for a while before you put heat on it, because the hair will absorb it. I use a lot of heat tools on my hair if you are like me I really recommend you to use any heat protector before applying heat on it. 

Do you guys use any Hair protector before using your Curling iron, Flat iron or Blow dryer?
& what is your protector name?

~Thank you guys for stopping by

You are Very Belle:)
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