Tuesday, February 21, 2012

~Navy Blue Liquid Eyeliner~ :)

How are you everyone?
~Happy Tuesday~

Since Today I don't have Homework :), I really want to show you something I like a lot. I bought a BLUE Liquid Eyeliner~
It's really AMAZING...I really recommend you to try it guys.
Since it’s a 

vibrant color, it’s going to POP your eyes and make them more attractive and OPEN.
It’s my everyday school look.
I used to put Black liquid eyeliner everyday but I found that I should change and to put a
Navy one:)
I think that I will get a Green one too soon. :)
Here some Pictures of my "Oceanie" liquid eye liner.

Please, let me know if you girls want to learn Step by Step: How to apply Liquid Eye liner?

Have you ever tried a Blue Liquid Eye Liner? What do you think?

~Thank you guys for stopping by


You are Very Belle:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

~How to: Flirty Makeup (Just in time for V-day!)~

Choice #1
Picture from Google
I love~Valentine day's~

Because it's the perfect time to express your love to your family and of course your love.

So~Let Start our Valentine Day's Make-up Look!
1. Begin with an eye shadow base primer. 
2. Apply light shade to the inner part of the eye.   
3. Apply medium shades to the lower part of the lid.
4. Pick a Darker shades, apply the color to the crease line
5. Apply your Eyeliner.6. Apply the medium shade on the outer lower lash line. .
7. All is left is to apply the Mascara

Choice #2
Picture from Google

Choice #3
Picture from Google

Practice makes everything Perfect:)

 ~Thank you guys for stopping by


You are Very Belle:)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

~Color Trend: Mint Color~

I lov
e! Mint Color :) 
What about you guys?

Mmmm...Just think of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and you will know the color I am talking about.
Who said mint was just a flavor? 

It’s also now one of the newest colors of the season.

Elie Saab

Green is a beautiful, cool and refreshing color  
Mint green has been deemed the color for 2012, and not just in apparel or shoes, but, also in makeup. 

Elie Saab

 What do you think of Mint green? Would
you rock it?

~Thank you guys for stopping by

You are Very Belle:)

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