Monday, December 26, 2011

~Holiday Makeup Tips~

~Happy Holiday~

~Wish you the best, and may all your wishes to become true~

Your Wearing
First thing: Be careful not to match your makeup to your outfit. If you are wearing a sparkly dress or outfit, don't apply sparkly-glittery makeup. Instead, stick with smokey eyes.
Now if you are wearing bold prints or bold color, keep your makeup very neutral.

Highlighter is the secret of the pictures that you will be taken.  Because it give this lighting effect.
To apply Highlighter all you need to do is looking at the mirror.
Exactly under your eyes and your nose draw a line and Dab with your finger.

If you choose Red lipstick, stick with light shadow on the lid.
And if you choose light lip color, go for a dark shadow on the lid.

Girls if you want to go for more an attractive look, I really suggest you to apply a Eyeliner pencil colored, for example Blue or Green

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