Tuesday, August 14, 2012

~ Fashion : Bow Everywhere~

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Happy Tuesday Everyone! J
I apologize for being away for so long! Since High school is done I'm preparing myself to College now!

In my opinion, this will be one of my favourite post. :)
Guess why? It all about Bow.
Because I love "Bow". Everything About Bow, it makes me so HappyJ Let me know if you love it too.?

Hair without any accessory is like a picture without colour. I think that this will catch the eyes of everyone.
I have Bow accessory everywhere in my room like that I see them in the morning & I can wear them at school.

I did some research and I discover that it is the Trends 2012. You can wear it also for any season for sure. In this following post you will see Shoes Bow, Skirt Bow, Hair accessory Bow, Wedding dress Bow & much more!

Yees! Boots Bow too..
By the way, there is a post that I have talked about Shoes Lace last years that they are In  . Here in the picture you can see Lace & Bow are together :) 

Skirt are so Pretty when there is some details on them.
Picture from Google

And As well for Dresses and especially for Wedding Dress.

I really hope that you liked this post as much as I did! J

Do you like "Bow"?

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

~How to Fix dry Cuticle~

Cuticle Oil Pen
bought from :(Avon)
(the one I have)

Hey Everyone!
~Happy Sunday~

Today, I'd like to talk about dry cuticle. Ugh,one of the worst thing to see. It can be cause by cold, wind... which dry your skin but don't worry it will be fix :).

All you really need is to get an "Cuticle Oil"

It is very important to have at home because it help to moisturises dry, damaged cuticles. Fortified with aloe vera, vitamin E and botanical extracts to help restore a healthy-looking appearance to nails and cuticles. 
The cuticle oil exists in different forms: pen, brush or feeder.
In this moment, I only have the brush one and I really like it because it's so quick, easy application…

HOW TO APPLY?To start. Apply a cuticle oil on the top of the nail and hen massaged the cuticles. If you are not wearing any nail polish, do apply all over the entire nail.

It promotes nail growth, make nails stronger and resistant.

Have you ever tried any "Cuticle Oil" & Do you see any difference?

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

~Beren Saat~ The Star

Hi Everyone:)
To be Honest, I really missed bloging!
Today, It was my last exam:) & I'm back.

Do you Remember my First post about Beren Saat? (click here) Today I have another one, because it was a huge successful post.

This beautiful Turkish actress is so popular and she is the inspiration of so many girls. For everyone who never heard of her, she did a series called"ask-i memnu" which mean : "Forbidden Love".You really have to see it from the Start till the End:):):)
It do have English subtitle on youtube.

How Beautiful her heels is.
Beren do combine the color of her heels with her dress.

She is also known by the girl with sexy red lip.

Beren Saat with Jumpsuit print!

I really love when she play with colours, especially
Yellow,Orange, Red and much more...
She also did another turkish serie that hit a lot of success

Her Makeup is very soon! 
So stay tuned!:)

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Monday, May 21, 2012

~How To Be Natural Everyday~(make-up)

Hi Everyone:) How are you?
Natural Look Like Angelina Jolie
I'm so sorry about being away for long time! But I'm back :)

So, my friends at school asked me if I can do a post about Natural make-up for everyday look. Did you hear about this expression? 
"less is more" is the perfect rule. 

What is Being Natural? To be Natural is when you cover up small imperfection without being so heavy on your face.

First thing first, you should stay away from eyeshadows. If you decide to apply eyeshadow, use light colors such as : light pink, beige but I really prefer Gold is the best. 

You need to be careful because it depend on your eyes color. If you need help please click here: The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Color.
*Remember you can still apply colored eyeliner even if you want to stay natural but avoid the eyeshadow then.

& if you don't want any pop eye look...Then you can add White Eyeliner on your WaterLiner, this will make your eyes bigger and awake. 

Great trick that I do often:

I bought a Gold Cream Shadow Stick and keep it always with me. I apply it on my lid and blend it with my finger tip :)


You can also apply mascara on your eyes this will make your lashes very thick. This attracts more attention to the eyes and may be used alone or with eyeliner for a Natural Look.

* Soon I will do a Natural Makeup look.

Do you apply Natural Makeup Everyday?

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

~Lip Stain~

Hi Everyone:)

I bought a Lip Stain last week, so far I really like it.

So, I thought to share with you what is it for some people who didn't got the chance to try it or didn't heard of it.

What Is Lip Stain?
Lip Stain is a lip colour which "Stains". The colour does not fade and lasts longer.

It's great for anybody who don't like to reapply over and over again. Most Lip stain can last all day long. What I like about it can be used as a base for your favourite lipstick colour.

Have you tried a Lip Stain? or Would you like to try it?

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

~Hair Heat Tamer Spray~

Good Evening Everyone,

Yesterday, I finally bought my Hair Heat Protector.I bought the "TRESemm√©" heat Tamer Spray

The HAIR must be protected or elsewhere you will get a lot of Split ends
It will shine your hair and it will prevent your hair from split ends.

So far, I really love it because it doesn't add excess oil or residue to my hair 
and it also smell very good. It has a fresh scent.

All you need to do is to apply it on your dry hair. You must leave it on for a while before you put heat on it, because the hair will absorb it. I use a lot of heat tools on my hair if you are like me I really recommend you to use any heat protector before applying heat on it. 

Do you guys use any Hair protector before using your Curling iron, Flat iron or Blow dryer?
& what is your protector name?

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

~Navy Blue Liquid Eyeliner~ :)

How are you everyone?
~Happy Tuesday~

Since Today I don't have Homework :), I really want to show you something I like a lot. I bought a BLUE Liquid Eyeliner~
It's really AMAZING...I really recommend you to try it guys.
Since it’s a 

vibrant color, it’s going to POP your eyes and make them more attractive and OPEN.
It’s my everyday school look.
I used to put Black liquid eyeliner everyday but I found that I should change and to put a
Navy one:)
I think that I will get a Green one too soon. :)
Here some Pictures of my "Oceanie" liquid eye liner.

Please, let me know if you girls want to learn Step by Step: How to apply Liquid Eye liner?

Have you ever tried a Blue Liquid Eye Liner? What do you think?

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You are Very Belle:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

~How to: Flirty Makeup (Just in time for V-day!)~

Choice #1
Picture from Google
I love~Valentine day's~

Because it's the perfect time to express your love to your family and of course your love.

So~Let Start our Valentine Day's Make-up Look!
1. Begin with an eye shadow base primer. 
2. Apply light shade to the inner part of the eye.   
3. Apply medium shades to the lower part of the lid.
4. Pick a Darker shades, apply the color to the crease line
5. Apply your Eyeliner.6. Apply the medium shade on the outer lower lash line. .
7. All is left is to apply the Mascara

Choice #2
Picture from Google

Choice #3
Picture from Google

Practice makes everything Perfect:)

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

~Color Trend: Mint Color~

I lov
e! Mint Color :) 
What about you guys?

Mmmm...Just think of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and you will know the color I am talking about.
Who said mint was just a flavor? 

It’s also now one of the newest colors of the season.

Elie Saab

Green is a beautiful, cool and refreshing color  
Mint green has been deemed the color for 2012, and not just in apparel or shoes, but, also in makeup. 

Elie Saab

 What do you think of Mint green? Would
you rock it?

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

~Sticky Lip Gloss Fix!~

This annoying moment when you find the perfect shade of lip gloss and ready to put it on, it's completely sticky
So let’s fix this! I know two ways that it will fix the problem.

1. Put your sticky lip gloss on and then take Vaseline, put it on 
your finger and dab it on top of the sticky gloss. The good thing is that: it doesn’t change your lip gloss color

2. A really easy trick: After you have put your sticky lip gloss on, take you’re an Ice cube and run into your lips Taa Daa~

Let Me Know What You Think~
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Friday, January 20, 2012

~Must-Have Trend: The Motorcycle Jacket~

Hi Everyone,
Today, I saw this amazing fashion-style and I really love it!
It's something you cannot ignore this upcoming spring.
I's gotta be the motorcycle jacket.
It's extremely versatile and I really think that it is fun to wear.

Who can wear it?
They look great on everyone, just as long as you get one that fits you properly( make sure it's not too tight and no too lose)

Just throw it on to almost any outfit and dresses.

Do you like Motorcycle jacket? 

~Thank you guys for stopping by

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

~Hot Shower~Very Bad~

Hi everyone,

There’s really nothing better than a nice, relaxing, hot shower.
Now with this very cold weather all we really want to do is to take an amazing Hot Shower. Right?
So, the bad news is that: hot water is v-e-r-y bad for your skin and especially your hair.
You definitely should avoid taking hot shower in fall and winter this really can dry out your skin and your hair.

The very bad sign is when your hand begin to prune~
How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on HandsWhy this happen?  
This happen because your skin has lost its oils and it is absorbing the water.

The best and easier way Cold Rinse :)
Before exiting the shower, rinse with cooler water.
It will close up your pores and your will not get dry skin and the best thing of this, it helps hair maintain is shine :)

Did you guys know that Hot Water it is very bad for skin & hair?

~Thank you guys for stopping by~

You are Very Belle:)

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