Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beautiful Skin! &Bye-Bye Pimple!!♥

Beautiful Skin! &Bye-Bye Pimple!

Swimming in the ocean, the salt water clears your face up& makes it really soft.
Avoid touching your face as possible.

Wash your face 2-3 times daily. This will remove dirt, oil, makeup and dead skin cells

To reduce the redness of a pimple, apply ice to the area every 30 minutes.
You should hold the ice for about 2 minutes.
This will help with any pain, and then cover the pimple with a concealer which matches your face tone.
I have something really interestING 4 U!

“Studies have shown that chocolate does not cause acne or make it worse”

Have Fun Everyone!!
Go EaT:)

Monday, May 23, 2011

~Makeup → Hazel Eyes~

Hi Everyone:)
I had a request : Makeup for Women à Hazel Eyes:) 

Women blessed with hazel eyes are renowned for containing glints of many colors (A light to strong brown or yellowish brown.)
If you have hazel eyes, avoid using too much amount of blue-hued shadow. It might turn out “Gray”… the opposite effect of what you hope to achieve.

Natural color is best for Women that contain hazel eyes: 

- Gold 

- Pink à Best for a Romantic Look.

Go for more Lighter then this picture.

- Lavender
Light Brown
à Will gives a natural effect.

- Green Or Teal à it's the best vibrant color for you. This can really make your eyes pop!

  Color Wheel

And Now I will help you by choosing the great color for your eyes :
Choose a color that is opposite of your own eye color.
If you have green eyes, select purple, lilac shades, pink
For blue eyes choose gold, peach and browns with a red or orange undertone to make your eyes POP!                                              

Sunday, May 22, 2011

☼ ~Skin Care~ ☼

Happy Sunday EveryoneJ

Do you have a paper and a pencil with you? ✍   ✍    ✍ ... So we are ready to begin the tips & tricks about Skin Care J
First, we all know how Water is essential for our skin. I love water but sometimes I really forget to drink it. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Water makes your skin clearer, younger, smoother and it even glow your face.

·       Don’t sleep on your face, this could cause wrinkles. Just as your mother warned you, "If you make your face like that, it will stay that way," sleeping a certain way on a pillow can leave your face just as it is when sleeping.
·       Wash your face 2-3 times.
·       It is best to use warm water first. This opens the pores and allows you to properly cleanse and medicate your skin. When you are doing a final rinse, use cold water. Cold water closes your pores
·       Don’t touch your face, this can cause pimples.
·      Rub an ice cube on your face, around your eyes and on your necks at least two or three times. Rubbing ice cube on your skin will close pores.

Hope This Help:)

~Diana ~

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~LipStick Lovers & Now LipStickHeels..

Happy Tuesday:)

Yes! That's true :) As the Title say: Lipstick HeelsJ
This is for all who's really addicted to Lipstick, there's Lipstick Heels now :)
I find these pictures and I really wanted to share it!
First, I want to say: I really love everything that is creative, this make it unique, special & draw a smile to my face.

This shoe has been created by Alberto Guardini, an Italian shoe designer. The lipstick heel shoes look amazing and they are perfectly wearable, celebrities like Katy Perry & others celebrities.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bride Make-Up → Brown Eyes

This is my Lovely Sister!
At her Wedding Day!
PURPLE is one of the best combining color for Brown Eyes.
This color is especially designed to bring out brown eyes and to make them "Pop Shine". 
( Ahmed Koubeissy is on the right man .picture.)

This fabulous make-up is done by the Lebanese Make-Up Artist Ahmed Koubeissy.

~Nail polish from Yves Saint Laurent~

These ''twin sets'' leave nails for an irresistibly chic color statement.

Did you see the new nails polish colored tips:)

A great combination of Dark Purple and Gold, it's stylish and classy at the same time!

A great combination of Purple and Turquoise, which is my favorite, it's Crazy and Classy at the same time:)

A great combination of Red(Orange) & Fushia

What do you think? Which one do you prefer??


Monday, May 9, 2011

Grad 2011!1,2,3..Goo,Through The Hats

Grad 2011!

So excited for my Graduation... Next Year~yeey! My Favorite part it's to Trough the Hat!
 Last Years, it was my sister Graduation, she wear an amazing Blue "Jumpsuit" with Heels. It have a belt and it's so tight at the bottom.
If you didn't saw my post about Jumpsuit,Click Here :)
So, when she was going about to through the hat, I really forget everything & I run and took it from her & through it at he place.:) but then she did it again

So, do you like the Red&Green  Grad Dress?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

~Tuba-Asi Fashion~

Tuba Style

Floral Dress-Similar 
Asi or Tuba!One of the best Turkish Actress!Love her Style!
She is soo beautiful!
Here, you can see her fashion: Flower print dress..Amazing:)

Tuba in her Serie: Asi

Flower print dress
25 GBP -

White stiletto heels
4.99 GBP -

Black fedora hat
$40 -

read my lipstick - wanted (strawberry red)
13 GBP -


tuba style
Wet Seal smock top
$17 -

Herve Leger high waisted mini skirt
208 GBP -

Black pump shoes
$48 -

Rodo square handbag
875 EUR -

Kate Spade cherry jewelry
$39 -

ASOS flower jewelry
$5.17 -

TopShop glitter jewelry
$20 -

Forever21 skinny metallic belt
$5.80 -

Sweet Nail Lacquer
$2.80 -


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