Monday, May 21, 2012

~How To Be Natural Everyday~(make-up)

Hi Everyone:) How are you?
Natural Look Like Angelina Jolie
I'm so sorry about being away for long time! But I'm back :)

So, my friends at school asked me if I can do a post about Natural make-up for everyday look. Did you hear about this expression? 
"less is more" is the perfect rule. 

What is Being Natural? To be Natural is when you cover up small imperfection without being so heavy on your face.

First thing first, you should stay away from eyeshadows. If you decide to apply eyeshadow, use light colors such as : light pink, beige but I really prefer Gold is the best. 

You need to be careful because it depend on your eyes color. If you need help please click here: The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Color.
*Remember you can still apply colored eyeliner even if you want to stay natural but avoid the eyeshadow then.

& if you don't want any pop eye look...Then you can add White Eyeliner on your WaterLiner, this will make your eyes bigger and awake. 

Great trick that I do often:

I bought a Gold Cream Shadow Stick and keep it always with me. I apply it on my lid and blend it with my finger tip :)


You can also apply mascara on your eyes this will make your lashes very thick. This attracts more attention to the eyes and may be used alone or with eyeliner for a Natural Look.

* Soon I will do a Natural Makeup look.

Do you apply Natural Makeup Everyday?

~Thank you guys for stopping by
You are Very Belle:)

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