Wednesday, May 4, 2011

~Beren Saat Fashion~

I love Beren or Bither:)
She's a popular Turkish actor. She's born one day before me; the 26th Febuary:) She did a series called"ask-i memnu" which mean : "Forbidden Love".You really have to see it from the Start till the End:):):)
It's AMAZING... it also have English subtitle on YouTube.If someone want me to tell you a short summary of this stunning series,let me know:)
I know that, a lot and a lot of girls wish to have her Style!:) 
Before the Fashion part, Here is a short intro about her&the Serie.
from youtube:
So Here all her fashion!
If you didn't saw my post about "Black Dresses" Click here

Bither, always use Red Lipstick, it suit her so much.
Her Wedding Dress in "Ask-i memnu"
"pictures from Google"




  1. Proud of u hayete best wishes from the bottom of my heart

  2. Hi! We just found you blog from

    We are now following you. Love your blog!
    We would LOVE for you to stop in and check out our blog and follow us back - we are sooo close to 100 followers :-). Thanks so much!!!

    Jayme & Mendi

  3. love that black lace detail dress!!!

  4. I love her !!! She's my fashion icon

  5. I love your entry! And you have a very nice blog. It would be very nice if you could write about how Bihter applies make-up.♥

  6. Sure Melika! Thanks a lot for your kind comment. I will hopefully make a post soon about how Bihter apply Make-up.
    Thanks again:)

  7. i like bihter so much:)) but she really do her nose job???

  8. please can you tell me if you know where I can find the bihters clothes [in which shop]????????????


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