Saturday, April 30, 2011

Everyone Deserves To Sparkles❤

How to Choose the 

Right Glitter Color

When it comes to choosing
the color of your glitter eye
shadow, make sure 
you choose a color that fits
your skin tone and your eyes color well. 

It is best to buy shimmery (they cast rainbow-like
gloss whenever light strikes the area) or greenish-toned
(emerald (light green) and
aqua tones). 
If you want to create a warm
look with choosing glitter,
choose a gold
glitter, or a silver based one
for toned appearances. It
would also be best if you
match your glitter eye shadow
with your makeup and with
your clothes for the night.

Did you know:
That Glitters will bring attention "eye-catching" to your eyes
and make you look more beautiful. Glitter makeup can
bring out those stunning eyes of yours and make them
sparkle and shine.
For daywear, putting on glitter eye makeup may not
look as beautiful as night since strong sunlight reflecting on
the glitter may tend to look more "clown". Keep it for night
(Prom, Evening parties and special occasions.)


 What's your favorite Glitters Color?


Heart-back Dress❥

It's so Unique for a Wedding:):)!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Oscars 2011→ Purple

Scarlett Johansson-- Natalie Portman ---Cate Blanchett--- Mila Kunis

 Natalie Portman--Scarlett Johansson--- Mila Kunis--Cate Blanchett

Who's prettiest in Purple?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~Black Dress : Very Elegant~

Black Dress is a very an attractive color. It can make you look mysterious, sexy, and very elegant all at the same time.

Black also goes well with other dark color like dark green. You can go for example for black jackets and skirt with a dark green top. A navy blue top could also work.

Wearing black will make you look slimmer. It hides all the default. Remember to keep your makeup simple like "Anne Hathaway". Heavy makeup on black dress isn’t attractive.

Guess why I really like wearing black dresses, it goes really well with all kind of heels colors Jà Blue, Yellow, Pinkand you can name it J






Friday, April 22, 2011

The World’s Most Expensive Manicure

The world's most expensive manicure$51,000 diamond manicure. Can you believe it?

Manucure le plus chers du monde, manucure diamant 51.000 $.Pouvez-vous y croire?

offered by a company called Cherish…ME
I have to admit that they are STUNNING :)right?

This is packed with 10 carats of diamonds.

offerts par une compagnie appelée Cherish ... ME
Je dois admettre qu'ils sont superbes:) Non?
C'est rempli de 10 carats de diamants.
Have you seen Katy Perry nails.
Avez-vous vu les ongles de Katy Perry .
Katy Perry Nails
She had posted some photographs of her nails after the Diamond Manicure on twitter.

Elle avait posté quelques photos de ses ongles après la manucure Diamant sur twitter.

If you think $51,000 for a manicure is a bit expensive, you can also go for the second best option, which is for $32,000 done by Leighton Denny owner of Day Spa and Saloon in London 
which is offered in diamonds, sapphire and ruby.

Si vous pensez que 51.000 $ pour une manucure est un peu cher, vous pouvez également choisir la seconde option, ce qui est de 32.000 $ effectué par Leighton Denny propriétaire de Day Spa et Salon de Londres qui est offert en diamants, saphirs et rubis. J

What do you think girls?

Que pensez-vous les filles?

o you like the Iced Diamond Manicure?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

~How to: Perfume Last Longer~

Finally found your perfect signature scent, after years and years of searching. But suddenly, you find out in the morning... Poufff. It’s completely gone! It doesn’t last longer.

Tips & Tricks to get the perfume last longer!

Did you know: Perfume is just like make-up, it needs a primer to make it last longer, for example → Lotion & Vaseline… it will moisturize the skin so that the scent will last so longer.

Did you know: If you spray the perfume just after having a shower, it will surely last long because the pores will open at that time and your body is moisturized.

Where to apply perfume?

Apply fragrance: behind the knees, inside of the elbows, ankles neckline, the wrist and behind the ears

You can also spray perfume into the air immediately in front of you and walk over the mist. This method works best if you want a very light & short lasting scent. 

Story Of Me:)

One day, I was wearing my favorite perfume Very Irresistible and then my sister wanted to try the same on her because she loved it:) but then she notice that it didn't have the same smell.
Remember, if a Fragrance smell amazing on others it doesn't mean it will smell the same on you because it varies to person to person. 

If you got any more tips to make a fragrance last longer? Share it with us.


Why Women open their mouth while applying Mascara?

Women open their mouth while applying Mascara:

Do you know why?

Because the muscles are connected (your eye & mouth) & they automatically open when your eyes open in a certain way. When using mascara, a woman is concentrating on the object that she coming extremely close to her eye. She is not paying attention to the rest of her body.

A lot of people doesn't open their mouth!
Do you open your mouth?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~Newspaper Nails Art~

Yes, That's it, Newspaper Nails Art:):)
It's sooo cute:)
Imagine, Words on your Nails..:):):)
You can also put crosswords...

Personally, I really love to put newspapers effect only on the "ring" finger or "thumb" finger and for the others nails, I prefer to do the French manicure.

You Will Need: 
-A little cup of alcohol
-Piece of newspaper (Bigger enough to cover each nails)
-Any light nails polish (White,Peach or Pastel color)
-Top coat


Let's Get Started:
Polish your nails with the color you have chooses & let it dry.
Dip your dried nails on the cup of alcohol(make sure you wet all nails).
Place your piece of paper on your nails and hold for 30 seconds.(Be careful to not move)
Remove and repeat to each nails or for few nails.
Go over it with Top coat to make it last.

Let me know what you think?


Saturday, April 9, 2011

~Heat The Eyelash Curler~

Hey All!
Today I will show you a very simple trick you can do to make your eyelashes hold the curls.

Eyelash curler is so important to me, because it make my eyes open.♥‿♥
Eyelash curlers work best on clean eyelashes.

How to hold better your lashes?

Take your hairdryer to warm up your eyelash curler. Put it low to not burn yourself.Warm up your eyelash curler for 5-10 seconds.
The heat will allow your lashes to bend more easily and now,You are ready to curl:)
Use this method if you want to make your lashes noticeable and for classy look, some women heat their lashes everyday for work.

To know how to make your eyelashes Longer&Thicker: Click Here

Hope this help:)
Have a nice day!


~Lace... Everywhere~

I love Lace! It's the trend Spring/Summer 2011
In simple words, Lace look gorgeous on every women.It's so feminine.
I think that Lace is a material that no one could take off his eyes from and of course from you:)

There's Lace everywhere: Dress, Shirt, Legging and even Heels&Boots:)
woow.Amazing Pink Lace Boots
BTW: it can also be for a wedding:)

Wedding Dress



2 Blog Awards:)

Thank you Sophie from "Oh so Sophie"
Thank you so much Sophie!You are so nice and amazing!
I love your blog & adore your words:)
I always enjoy reading your post.

I'm so so happy:):)!I just can't stop smiling:)as you can see all my smiley symbol!lol:)Thanks again & again!:)
Wow!I have received 2 blog awards from Sophie.
 First time:)

With acceptance to these awards I will write 5 facts about myself and then pass these awards to 5 others people.

My 5 Facts:


+ Glitterr:):)


I'm a Pisces-The Fish:):)


I looove to take picture.. 


I have 4 brothers and 2 beautiful sister = We are 9


I love this Word:)-->FAITH
My favorite word:)

I'm awarding this award to the following 5 bloggers:

Congratulation, you all deserved it:):)


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