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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

~Fashion Rules Made to Be Broken~

Hi Everyone :)
Today is a very interesting post!
You will discover some Rules that are made to be broken.
Let’s start!

#1. Matching shoes with handbag

BREAK IT!There no more matching your shoes with your handbag. From now, you have to play with the color. I have quick helpful Trick, if for example you are wearing a black casual dress, to find out what color of shoes to wear… Pick the same color of your accessories. As long as your shoes and your handbag go with your outfit, No need for them to match each other.

#2. Mixing printBREAK IT!
 I always taught that we couldn't mix print together..It's a myth.
 It's perfectly fine if you don't match.
 But one think is important (Trust your eyes)


#3. Socks & Sandals.
Most people still think that it's impossible to wear them together. FALSE.
One Trick for you: Don't pair it with a thick socks, Go for really light socks & then wear it as you like:) I really like them..Here some PiCtUrE!

.#4. Sequin--> Night.BREAK IT! Sequin is very very Chic... especially MORNING
Now sparkle became a part of a daytime outfit too. It's not necessary only Dresses as Sequin... There's Blazer too and much more!

Proof that fashion rules are made to be broken. Red&Pink do match together:)
Proof that fashion rules are made to be broken. Red and pink do clash, but can look haute. Love this.

Emma Stone looking pretty in Giambattista Valli pink and red at the “Friends With Benefits” movie premiere. Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
Hope that will help you, and if you have any  request, please don't hesitate and let me know.
Good Luck
You are Very Belle:)

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