Thursday, June 21, 2012

~Beren Saat~ The Star

Hi Everyone:)
To be Honest, I really missed bloging!
Today, It was my last exam:) & I'm back.

Do you Remember my First post about Beren Saat? (click here) Today I have another one, because it was a huge successful post.

This beautiful Turkish actress is so popular and she is the inspiration of so many girls. For everyone who never heard of her, she did a series called"ask-i memnu" which mean : "Forbidden Love".You really have to see it from the Start till the End:):):)
It do have English subtitle on youtube.

How Beautiful her heels is.
Beren do combine the color of her heels with her dress.

She is also known by the girl with sexy red lip.

Beren Saat with Jumpsuit print!

I really love when she play with colours, especially
Yellow,Orange, Red and much more...
She also did another turkish serie that hit a lot of success

Her Makeup is very soon! 
So stay tuned!:)

~Thank you guys for stopping by
You are Very Belle:)

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