Friday, April 22, 2011

The World’s Most Expensive Manicure

The world's most expensive manicure$51,000 diamond manicure. Can you believe it?

Manucure le plus chers du monde, manucure diamant 51.000 $.Pouvez-vous y croire?

offered by a company called Cherish…ME
I have to admit that they are STUNNING :)right?

This is packed with 10 carats of diamonds.

offerts par une compagnie appelée Cherish ... ME
Je dois admettre qu'ils sont superbes:) Non?
C'est rempli de 10 carats de diamants.
Have you seen Katy Perry nails.
Avez-vous vu les ongles de Katy Perry .
Katy Perry Nails
She had posted some photographs of her nails after the Diamond Manicure on twitter.

Elle avait posté quelques photos de ses ongles après la manucure Diamant sur twitter.

If you think $51,000 for a manicure is a bit expensive, you can also go for the second best option, which is for $32,000 done by Leighton Denny owner of Day Spa and Saloon in London 
which is offered in diamonds, sapphire and ruby.

Si vous pensez que 51.000 $ pour une manucure est un peu cher, vous pouvez également choisir la seconde option, ce qui est de 32.000 $ effectué par Leighton Denny propriétaire de Day Spa et Salon de Londres qui est offert en diamants, saphirs et rubis. J

What do you think girls?

Que pensez-vous les filles?

o you like the Iced Diamond Manicure?



  1. first one is really good one.
    but still dun't understand why people paing so much money for manicure which will last for few days..O_O

  2. Hi Stacy:)
    I love the nails:)but sooo expensive.
    You are totally right, it doesn't last for long time.

    thanks for your comment:)


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