Tuesday, April 19, 2011

~How to: Perfume Last Longer~

Finally found your perfect signature scent, after years and years of searching. But suddenly, you find out in the morning... Poufff. It’s completely gone! It doesn’t last longer.

Tips & Tricks to get the perfume last longer!

Did you know: Perfume is just like make-up, it needs a primer to make it last longer, for example → Lotion & Vaseline… it will moisturize the skin so that the scent will last so longer.

Did you know: If you spray the perfume just after having a shower, it will surely last long because the pores will open at that time and your body is moisturized.

Where to apply perfume?

Apply fragrance: behind the knees, inside of the elbows, ankles neckline, the wrist and behind the ears

You can also spray perfume into the air immediately in front of you and walk over the mist. This method works best if you want a very light & short lasting scent. 

Story Of Me:)

One day, I was wearing my favorite perfume Very Irresistible and then my sister wanted to try the same on her because she loved it:) but then she notice that it didn't have the same smell.
Remember, if a Fragrance smell amazing on others it doesn't mean it will smell the same on you because it varies to person to person. 

If you got any more tips to make a fragrance last longer? Share it with us.


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