Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sugar Lip Scrub-Easy-Easy&Easy

Having so Soft lip are girls dream.Most of the time when you talk to a person in front of you, the eyes goes on your lips.Right away.
Use a lip scrub every other day if only it's so dry.If your lips are healthy, using it once a week it's perfect:)
I'm waiting for you, Go take a paper and a pen and right down this Tips:):)✎✎✎


  •  Your favorite lip balm or Vaseline
  •  White sugar (soft scrub texture)
  •  Warm water

Apply your lip balm or Vaseline,using your index finger.
Dab sugar on your lips and rub in circular motion for 10 seconds.
Don't lick the sugar it's like you are swallowing dead skin.
Rinse everything with warm water and finish by applying again lip balm (that prevent the lips from dryness.) 

& Have nice day!



  1. i've nominated you for 2 blog awards :) come onto my blog for more details! much love.♥

  2. This is super helpful cause I feel like I have chapped lips ;/ but I haaate wearing lipbalms or chapstick. I think I'm going to find myself doing this from now on! lol


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