Saturday, April 30, 2011

Everyone Deserves To Sparkles❤

How to Choose the 

Right Glitter Color

When it comes to choosing
the color of your glitter eye
shadow, make sure 
you choose a color that fits
your skin tone and your eyes color well. 

It is best to buy shimmery (they cast rainbow-like
gloss whenever light strikes the area) or greenish-toned
(emerald (light green) and
aqua tones). 
If you want to create a warm
look with choosing glitter,
choose a gold
glitter, or a silver based one
for toned appearances. It
would also be best if you
match your glitter eye shadow
with your makeup and with
your clothes for the night.

Did you know:
That Glitters will bring attention "eye-catching" to your eyes
and make you look more beautiful. Glitter makeup can
bring out those stunning eyes of yours and make them
sparkle and shine.
For daywear, putting on glitter eye makeup may not
look as beautiful as night since strong sunlight reflecting on
the glitter may tend to look more "clown". Keep it for night
(Prom, Evening parties and special occasions.)


 What's your favorite Glitters Color?


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  1. Great post doll!!! perfect tip for those of us that love to sparkle!!!



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