Thursday, August 18, 2011

Which Eyeliner color You like?

Hii Everyone,
Are you one of those girls who have almost all the eyeliner colors?-Black-Blue-Green-Brown-Yellow-Red..???

Today I will tell you about the popular eyeliner color this fall, guess which color is it?

So that's it! Red Eyeliner!:)   

This is the only Eyeliner that i don't have yet...
I'm not too sure that it will suit my eye color, I have brown eyes, but i'm willing to try:) ! I always taught that it looks like someone has just finished beating you. :)
But It look Amazing-Fantastic on Rihanna...What do you think?


In my opinion Red will look  phenomenal  for those who have Blue or Green Eye color, it will make your beautiful eyes to POP.
Don't forget to put 
Dark Black eyeliner on the waterline and then apply Red eyeliner on the Lash Line
 :) & to help you more use Rihanna example.

If you didn't saw my post abour  "The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Color?

Would you wear RED Eyeliner? :)


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