Thursday, August 11, 2011

~How to Get an Extra Dark Makeup

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I got a Request saying

Thanks a lot for your request :)
Actually, to get an extra dark eye makeup, you should apply "makeup primer" which is a protective base that helps your makeup to last longer. 

Concealer I use

In general, applying a makeup primer first will make the foundation, or eye makeup or even lipstick last longer. This will help to have a dark eye makeup that will attract the eyes.

Concealer also works because it glides on over the eyelid and creates a perfect base for the eye shadow application.
Concealer can also stop your eye shadows from smudging, streaking, lasting-power & you will get a dark eye shadow.


Therefore, to answer your question, use primer first and then apply your makeup you will get an extra dark makeup & it will last longer.

Hope that will help you, and if you have any more request, please don't hesitate and let me know.


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