Monday, August 1, 2011

~Use Your Ring Finger to Apply Makeup~

Hi EveryoneJ
I have learned something new and amazing & I wanted to share it with you
Well, as the title say it…”Use Your Ring Finger to apply your Makeup”

The softer finger is the Ring Finger…That’s the secret about applying makeup.
Now, try to touch your Ring Finger and see the different with  others.

The Middle finger or Ring finger has a soft touch and warmth which will help applying makeup more easily and can also help the Foundation to blend perfectly around the eyes. Your ring finger can pat product perfectly. Using your finger will also warm any creamy concealer to the perfect temperature; this will provide the under-eye coverage without increasing any fine lines or wrinkles

What Other Tip you Use To Apply Makeup?
 I Hope That Helped:)
    Have a very nice day~



  1. Cool, thanks for the tip :)

  2. Great tip! Thanks :)

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