Thursday, January 5, 2012

~Hot Shower~Very Bad~

Hi everyone,

There’s really nothing better than a nice, relaxing, hot shower.
Now with this very cold weather all we really want to do is to take an amazing Hot Shower. Right?
So, the bad news is that: hot water is v-e-r-y bad for your skin and especially your hair.
You definitely should avoid taking hot shower in fall and winter this really can dry out your skin and your hair.

The very bad sign is when your hand begin to prune~
How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on HandsWhy this happen?  
This happen because your skin has lost its oils and it is absorbing the water.

The best and easier way Cold Rinse :)
Before exiting the shower, rinse with cooler water.
It will close up your pores and your will not get dry skin and the best thing of this, it helps hair maintain is shine :)

Did you guys know that Hot Water it is very bad for skin & hair?

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  1. i read about this tip all the time, but hot showers are my weakness! i can never have a 'warm' shower, it never works for me, but i will try and rinse with cold water! Great post, really helpfull!


  2. Very great and informative post doll and yes I heard about this before but is definitely very hard to put it into practice specially in those very cold nights or mornings. But hey beauty is pain right?

    <3 Marina

  3. I always finish my hair off with a quick blast of cold water i think it helps keep the oils at bay and helps it looks shinny i don't think i can brave a cold blast in the shower yet tho lol x


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