Tuesday, February 21, 2012

~Navy Blue Liquid Eyeliner~ :)

How are you everyone?
~Happy Tuesday~

Since Today I don't have Homework :), I really want to show you something I like a lot. I bought a BLUE Liquid Eyeliner~
It's really AMAZING...I really recommend you to try it guys.
Since it’s a 

vibrant color, it’s going to POP your eyes and make them more attractive and OPEN.
It’s my everyday school look.
I used to put Black liquid eyeliner everyday but I found that I should change and to put a
Navy one:)
I think that I will get a Green one too soon. :)
Here some Pictures of my "Oceanie" liquid eye liner.

Please, let me know if you girls want to learn Step by Step: How to apply Liquid Eye liner?

Have you ever tried a Blue Liquid Eye Liner? What do you think?

~Thank you guys for stopping by


You are Very Belle:)


  1. These eyeliner is so lovely, the navy is so deferent to the usual black but I really like it :) think I'll keep my eyes out for one like this.
    Shannen Xx

    1. Hi Shannen,Thank you for you comment!

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