Monday, May 9, 2011

Grad 2011!1,2,3..Goo,Through The Hats

Grad 2011!

So excited for my Graduation... Next Year~yeey! My Favorite part it's to Trough the Hat!
 Last Years, it was my sister Graduation, she wear an amazing Blue "Jumpsuit" with Heels. It have a belt and it's so tight at the bottom.
If you didn't saw my post about Jumpsuit,Click Here :)
So, when she was going about to through the hat, I really forget everything & I run and took it from her & through it at he place.:) but then she did it again

So, do you like the Red&Green  Grad Dress?

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  1. The dress is gorgeous! I really love the heels you picked for it too! How excitinggg.. Congratulations & I hope you have a great time at your graduation, Diana! <3


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