Monday, February 14, 2011

Olive Oil = Longer&Thick Lashes!

Yes, That’s right OLIVE OIL!!
If olive oil is good to our hair so yes it’s also good for our eyelashes.
I love love long Lashes! What about you??

So all you do, it’s to put a small drop to your finger and rub it to your lashes every night before you go to sleep OR you can do it with a “Q-tip” or even a “Cotton ball”. Make sure to get the olive oil on your eyelashes and the roots, but not in your eyes.
 Rinse off the olive oil in the morning. & repeat the process every night. 
The result of this: will make your lashes grow longer and thicker. Within two to three weeks, you should see a difference.

Enjoy it! Good Night All, Don`t forget to do it before bed!


  1. I'm going to try this tonight, I have totally non existent lashes!

    Thanks for the tip darling! Hope we can follow each other x

  2. Thank you! You are so sweet:) Of course I did follow!
    It really work for me:) And now I'm doing it again:)
    Take Care:)

  3. Woow! That's a really good tip! I would have never known! I'll also try this tonight!:)

  4. I'm definately trying this! Thanks for the tip! :D

  5. Thanks sooo much I'm desperate for longer looking lashes!!!


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